„… elegant phrasing, touch and tone recalled those of the finest keyboard virtuosos like Artur Rubinstein and Kasik’s own countryman, the late Rudolf Firkusny, who was himself a champion of Dvorak’s Piano Concerto.“

— Shortcuts

““…an incredible tour de force. At the early age of thirty, Martin Kasík already has to his credit a plethora of awards, and there can be no doubt many more are yet in stock for him in the future, in view of his awesome talent! Here is a name for you to remember!”

— The Republican, November 2010

“…They are high-powered performances, technically brilliant and freely expressive…”

“…In the bravura writing he is strong, fiery and impulsive…”

— All Arts Review, April 2006

“All in all, we were given a full view of the scenery and the bare heart of this pianist.”

— Edward Greenfield, The Gramophone, January 2005

“Pianist Kasik showed formidable talent. The most arresting quality of Kasik´s playing was its utter fluidity…, melodies flowed with infinitely shaded depth.”

— Yusuke Majima, Keyboard Music, Japan, November 2004

“Every so often one comes across a CD that is a minor revelation… Martin Kasik is 25 years old. Already he has a commanding technical ability and interpretative mastery… His playing of Janacek’s Sonata is an eye-opener… His tone is superb. So much light and shade is evident in his playing. His excellent and imaginative interpretation of this relatively unknown piece reveals Janacek as a master of the instrument.”

— Chicago Sun-Times, 2002

“Intoxicating! Stunning from the first bar to the last … Interpretation of 2nd sonata Rachmaninoff feels like an explosion of hot lava… His Kreisleriana is at the same level with Horowitz and Argerich…”

— MusicWeb, 2001

“Mr. Kasik plays with a resourceful technique, fluidity, a keen sense of colour and intelligence.“

— Répertoire, 2000

“Kasik’s all-Chopin program evoked not only the artistic originality and romantic fervor that one ought to expect from a first-rate pianist, but also a remarkably vivid, almost palpable sense of the life this music arose from… throughout, Kasik displayed a formidable technique, an engaging spontaneity, and well-thought-out musical ideas.”

— The New York Times, February 2000